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If you are interested in reviewing a book please contact the book review editor, Edward Murambwa,



Book reviews should assume that the reader has not read the book(s) under review and offer a very brief summary. The review should position the book within the relevant field of literature, as well as give a few points of information on the author’s background. It is imperative that the book review contain substantive analysis and comments on issues raised by the book(s). The book review should not be an excuse for presenting the reviewer’s own views on a theme. Book reviews should not exceed 800 words for a review of one book and 1,500 words for a review of two books.

All important bibliographic information, including number of pages and ISBN, must be provided in the format set out below. If the book has appeared both as paperback and hardback, include both points of information, for example:

Herfried Muenkler, The new wars, Cambridge, England, Polity Press, 2005, ISBN 0745633366 (hbk), 192 pp, ISBN 0745633374 (pbk), 224 pp

We encourage reviews of two books offering different approaches to the same subject. Different approaches may be the result of the respective authors coming from different schools of thought or even disciplines. It may also be the result of a theoretical problem being discussed using different case studies.

The Cambridge Review of International Affairs invites authors of reviewed books to respond. The Cambridge Review of International Affairs only accepts reviews of books published within a year before the issue in which the review is due to appear. Reviews of books published in languages other than English are also considered.

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